Avantek White Noise Machine Review

Family sleeping to the AVANTEK White noise machine

It doesn’t matter who you are or what kind of lifestyle you live, a good night sleep is essential to a healthy, happy, and productive life. Trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep can come from local sources of irritating and distracting sounds or even more local distractions in your own head.

Similar distracting sounds can also destroy your focus and productivity while you’re trying to get some work done or study. You’re trying to finish a report, catch up on some emails, or finish a heated game of minesweeper and your coworkers or classmates won’t stop talking about last nights episode of M*A*S*H.

Often times the solution to any or all of these problems can be a simple as a white noise sound machine.

That’s what makes the compact size, high customization, and the portability of the AVANTEK white noise machine a fantastic option for the office, bedroom, or even the nursery.

Features and Benefits of The AVANTEK White Noise Machine

The AVANTEK White Noise Machine packs a lot of high quality, state-of-the-art features in an impressively compact and sleek design. The high variability of different sounds, white noise, and volume levels make this white noise machine by AVANTEK one that you should definitely consider when you are choosing which white noise machine is best for your needs. Check out our definitive white noise sound machine review.

20 Soothing Sounds To Choose From

There are so many sound options to choose from with the AVANTEK sound machine, you are sure to find one that works for your needs or preferences. Not only are there six different white noise sounds, there are an ADDITIONAL six fan sounds. You also have the option to choose from several other realistic, soothing, ambient sounds settings like waves, wind, campfire, rain, as well as several others. With so many sound options you may find some sounds somewhat redundant and it can make scrolling through all of the different options somewhat inconvenient if you want to change up your selection frequently.

AVANTEK white noise machine sound options

Several sound options from the AVANTEK white noise machine.

30 Volume Settings

The thirty different volume settings in the compact sound machine will make it very easy for you to find the ideal volume level for your comfort and provided you with a great night sleep. All twenty sound options function clearly at each of the thirty volume levels giving you the flexibility of 600 choices of sound settings. The maximum volume settings and reach up to 115dB on some sound settings. With that many options, anyone can find their perfect setting for this sound machine.

Simple Controls

The designers at AVANTEK did a great job with these controls. With only six buttons to operate the extensive options contained in this sound machine, you’ll learn to control and operate all the functions after one use. Power, volume control, sound selection, and sleep timer are all laid out conveniently across the top front of the sound device making it very simple to control by reaching blindly from your bed. Even in complete darkness you can operate this machine because you’ll quickly learn the control layout. Tiny LED button indicators can also guide you across the controls in a pinch without being so bright that they are distracting in the dark. Having such simple control functions does limit the scope of the customizability of this white noise machine though.

The AVANTEK White Noise Machine easy to use control lay out.

The AVANTEK White Noise Machine’s easy-to-use control layout.

Easy To Use Sleep Timer

The sleep timer featured in the AVANTEK sleep sound machine is very user friendly. This makes it easy for anyone to set their sleep timer, even when stumbling in the dark when you are ready to doze off. Just press the timer button (the one with the clock on it) until the LED indicator light lines up with your desired length of time. For continuous sound, Line up the LED indictor light with the power icon. The sleep timer function also slowly lowers the volume level as it approaches the shut off time so that there isn’t an abrupt and distracting sound change as it shuts off while you are sleeping. Although there are several different options for sleep timer settings, and those options should be sufficient for most users, the sleep timer is limited. It can only be set for the preset time intervals or continuous play. This machine can not be set to shut off at a selected time or an unusual length of time eg: three hours and forty five minutes.

User Memory Function

The memory function of the AVANTEK machine isn’t completely unique, but it is a nice feature to have. Some white noise machines reset to a default setting when you turn them off so when you turn it back on, you have to reprogram it to your desired settings. The AVANTEK, on the other hand, remembers your last used setting so if you want the same sound, volume, and timer every night, all you have to do is press the power button once and you are good to go. Just “set it, and forget it!”

Extremely Compact And Portable

Measuring only 3.9″ x 3.9″ x 2.4″ or 36.5 cubic inches, the AVANTEK white noise machine is extremely compact which makes it ideal for use when traveling or for use with infants. It fits easily in a suitcase, carry on bag, and baby bag or even a purse. Its compact size also make it very friendly for use on your desk top in an office setting if you tend to get distracted by sounds while trying to work. There is a scale illustration of the size of this machine below. One draw back to this machines small size is that if you do travel with it, it may be easy to misplace or leave behind.

Illustration of the AVANTEK White Noise Machine size and dimensions.

Size scale and dimensions of the AVANTEK White Noise Machine.

Energy Efficient

When not in use the AVANTEK uses less than 0.5w of standby power. Operating at such a low energy is what allows this white noise machine to run on just a USB cable. You can run this machine off of any device that that has a USB port making it’s use very flexible and convenient. On the other hand, it does require the use of a wall adapter because it does not come with a standard outlet plug. It does however come with a five foot long USB cable. The adapter is not included. This is a drawback that is a turn-off for some customers.

Sleek Simple design

The simple attractive design will match most decors, but still has enough flare to stand out unlike most white noise machines that just come in a safe off-white or white for a neutral inoffensive appeal. The AVANTEK is available in white, if that is your style, but most customers prefer the pop of the black with blue accents. Please note that the blue is only the color of the machine and it is not illuminated.

Two Color Options

This sound machine is available in the classic white on white, which will seamlessly blend in with any decor. Conversely, if you want a more bold option then opt for the sleek black option with the vibrant blue accents. Please note that the blue accent band around the speaker on top does not illuminate, it is a shock of beautiful blue to make your white noise machine also a decorative accessory that pops.

AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine

AVANTEK in Black

Sample of White AVANTEK White Noise Machine

AVANTEK in White

Great Warrantee

This sleep sound machine comes with a warrantee that covers manufacturers defects for a full 18 months from the date of purchase.  So far, of all of the sleep sound machines that we have reviewed, only the Palermo white noise machine has a longer warrantee.

30 Day Return Policy

If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the AVANTEK white noise machine, you can return it for a full refund for up to 30 days from the date of purchase. Even if you are satisfied with the machine, you can still return it within 30 days.


What Others Say

We analyzed over 250 product reviews for this machine, and of those reviews, there is an average score of 4.5 stars on Amazon.

Overall, most customers were very impressed with not only the sound quality and volume, but also the variety of options and settings that come in such a small package.

One reviewer went so far as to record an unboxing video and demonstrate the functions of the machine and the different sound options. He also demonstrates how the sleep timer functions. You can watch and listen to that video here.

The few customers that had complaints about the product mostly had received a faulty product. The complaints were essentially that the machine quickly stopped working. Although, this rarely happens,  if you receive a dud be sure to promptly return it and you will receive a refund or your machine will simply be replaced.

Buying Advice

The AVANTEK White Noise Machine is ideal for a bedside table, a nursery, or an office cubicle. If you are looking to cancel out more intense sounds you might want to check out other options on our complete white noise machine review post. But, for a good night sleep for you or your baby or for fewer distractions at the office, The AVANTEK is great! It’s sleek, portable, and easy to use. If you don’t like it, send it back. AVANTEK offers a great warrantee and return policy.

Family sleeping with the AVANTEK sound machine

A restful nights sleep for the whole family.

AVANTEK White Noise Machine Final Verdict

The AVANTEK white noise machine is a great option for digital sound. If you want the fuller sound of a real fan, check out the Hemingweigh white noise machine. The AVANTEK is compact for easy portability and stylish in any decor. It offers enough variability in sounds for most people. We have reviewed better machines in our Comprehensive Best White Noise Machine Review post. But, if you like the unique look of the AVANTEK, then go for it. It isn’t missing any necessary features and with the offered functionality and return policy and warrantee, you can’t go wrong.

Our Rating


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